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Homfa Yoga Headrest Chair with Removable PU Cushion Stable

Birch Wood 42 x 65 x 39.5 cm White

DURABLE MATERIAL: The yoga inversion chair is made of birch plywood, PU and a high density sponge. The sponge cushion provides you with a comfortable hand stand without pressure on the head and neck. And the wooden frame makes it stronger and more durable, it can be used safely and has a long service life.

MULTIPURPOSE - It can not only serve as an inversion chair, but also as an auxiliary tool for other yoga exercises such as leg exercises, waist exercises, buttocks and many other postures.

PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: The yoga stool has an ergonomic and innovative design. It supports the weight of the body through the shoulders and releases many tension in the neck, which allows you to achieve a better handstand. It is the preferred choice for yoga beginners.

EASY INSTALLATION: DIY assembly is required but don't worry, it comes with the instruction manual. If you have any problem with the product, please contact us first. Undoubtedly, Homfa will help you solve it as soon as possible.

Careful details: There are some pads on the bottom of the feet to avoid scratches on the floor when you move. The cushion can be disassembled and assembled freely.

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