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Homfa Wall Shelf made of Bamboo Bathroom Shelf 60 x 15 x 54 cm (white)

Hanging Shelf kitchen 3 shelves wall cabinet storage for bathroom living room kitchen

Homfa shelf is made from 100% natural and sustainable bamboo. As a rapidly renewable raw material, bamboo is characterized by other raw materials, environmentally friendly, renewable, stable, robust.

This is a multifunctional shelf and fits almost anywhere. In the bathroom, towels, shampoo, etc. can be placed on it. In the kitchen you can simply put seasoning, bowls. Your room no longer looks like a mess.

Bamboo wall shelf with 3 levels provides good stability and can be both free-standing and hung. As a hanging shelf, the room has more storage space. For different things according to needs, you can simply put the shelf in your room.

Each level is adjustable. You can adjust the height of each level. The pilot holes with five different heights ensure more convenience. With the 5 pre-drilled holes you can place your articles according to their height.

Instructions and hardware accessories are included. You can assemble this bamboo wall shelf in minutes. You only need to wipe off a damp cloth for daily cleaning.在此处添加文本段落。

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