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Homfa Wall Cabinet Hallway Wall-Mounted Coat Rack Wall Shelf

With three grids and four hooks, Shelves White 98 x 20 x 35 cm

Stable metal hooks and resilient shelves - The hooks are made of metal that does not sag or bend as quickly. Each hook carries approx. 5kg each. The shelves are made of MDF (class E1) and can be loaded up to approx. 15kg.

Three in one - 2 shelves, 3 sorted compartments and 8 hooks, so the cabinet has more storage space than a hook rail and has less space than a dressing table. 1 shelf for decorations, 1 shelf for storage, 3 compartments for sorted storage, with 8 hooks for jackets Piggyback. Everything is by hand.

Fine workmanship and simple appearance - simple and stylish. The cloakroom is kept simple, without being boring, so that it goes well with any existing furniture. Heavy-duty, durable coating is used to improve your living environment.

Additional storage boxes can be added as needed - If necessary, you can put your own foldable fabric baskets in the closet to increase your storage space.

Easy and understandable assembly - the holes are all pre-drilled. All parts and screws are labeled with letters and numbers to identify the parts perfectly, nothing can go wrong.

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