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Homfa Vanity Unit Sink cabinet

with Door and 3 Open Shelves, White, Wood, 90 x 30 x 60 cm

A lot of extra storage space - Find plenty of storage space in the 3 compartments as well as behind the doors of the modern vanity unit to store styling utensils, towels and cosmetics so that they are always within easy reach. And on the left side there are two adjustable dividers that can adjust to three heights. The maximum load of each shelf is 8 kg.

Modern and timeless design with clear lines - if you are looking for country house style, you have found the right one. The magnetic closure makes it easy to open and close the cupboard door.

Easy-care surface - Long life due to high quality MDF panels (class E1) and fine construction design, and surface treated with varnish, resistant to moisture and mildew, also easy to clean.

With the siphon cut-out - the base cabinet with syphon cut-out (20 x 15 cm) is perfect for your sink. Before purchasing, please measure the size of the siphon and the available space under the sink and determine whether this vanity unit will fit. The cut-out is only in the upper half of the unit to better protect your towels, toilet paper, detergent, toilet cleaners and other bathroom utensils from water and dust.

Packed safely - each piece has a sticker with letters and all screws etc. even in bags with letters. In the instructions (English language not guaranteed) you can see what you need and special features are marked out, everything is easy to assemble.

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