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Homfa Toilet Shelf White Washing Machine Shelf

Toilet Shelf with 3 Shelves 63.5x26x163cm for bathroom

The vertical shelf is made of natural bamboo, which is a strong, durable, and renewable raw material. Due to the warm bamboo color, the standing shelf is both beautiful and fashionable, so it can match most house styles. Precise cutting and good glazing effect, so you don't have to worry about whether your clothes are scratched.

Practical design: The size of the white bamboo shelf is 63.5x26x163cm. That doesn't need to be a lot of space (only 63.5x26cm) and each floor has a load capacity of up to 10KG.

Three shelves and one cabinet: You can put books, bathroom accessories, etc. on the shelves. You can put towels in the closet.

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