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Homfa Sit-Stand Desk Attachment Adjustable Height 65 x 47 cm

  • Infinitely adjustable height and ergonomic: you can adjust the height from 5-41 cm perfectly according to your needs. With the help of the standing desk you can work as you like sitting or standing and relieve your body.
  • Adaptable size: with the table top of 65 x 47 cm, the base of 55 x 38 cm and the X-shape brackets, laptop, screen, small keyboard and mouse can be placed without worry. The desk top can hold a maximum of 20 kg. The optimal load capacity is 10 kg. Under the limitation, the life of the laptop table will prolong the life of the laptop
  • Fine workmanship and high quality: MDF board, stainless steel and ABS plastic, integrated gas spring, non-slip mat on the feet, this combination provides a high quality Sit Stand Workstation.
  • No assembly and simple adjustment: you can unpack the computer desk directly and then use it. To lift and lift the table, just press the lever first and apply a light force up or down.
  • If there is any problem with the standing desk, please contact us, we always devote ourselves to offer the best products and the best service.
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