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Homfa Country House Chest of Drawers / Cupboard / Multi-Purpose Cabinet

with 4 Drawers and 1 Door 56 x 30 x 83 cm

Easy to combine and versatile – Homfa chest of drawers with classic white, matches other furniture and fits in any room, e.g. bathroom, hallway, living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, hallway or in the kitchen. Can be used as a sideboard, drawer cabinet, highboard, cabinet, sideboard, multi-purpose cabinet, medical cabinet.

Double-sided lacquer - both sides of all boards are evenly painted with white colour. Therefore, the surface of the boards is water-resistant. Carefully crafted and elegant colour, simple and stylish.

Adjustable centre plate – The firm base under the middle plate is fixed in under-layer holes so that you can lock the centre plate in the compartment.

Tidy eye-catcher – with this chest of drawers you can tidy up all your things and at the same time have an eye-catching piece of furniture in the room. 4 drawers and a cupboard compartment allow you to place a beautiful plant, more storage space for different things and thus create a comfortable corner. Homfa sideboard brings your rooms in order. Dimensions: approximately 56 x 30 x 83 cm.

Easy assembly instructions - the assembly instructions are richly illustrated and easy to understand. All items are labelled with letters and all screw bags are numbered. With just one screwdriver, the assembly is possible.

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