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Homfa Bamboo Screen Stand with Storage Space Monitor Extension Desk top organizer 60x30x8.5cm

Raise the screen: The height (8.5cm) is perfect for your eyes to see the screen, if your monitor is set too low, it is harmful to the cervical spine, vertebrae and your eyes.

Multifunction: Not just a screen stand, but also a desk organizer. The notches on the top are practical to store pens, cell phones, coffee cups, safety pins, USB and other small items and have them close at hand.

Floor space 54.5x28.5x7 (WxDxH) offers enough space for the keyboard, so that you have space on the desk when not in use.

Solid bamboo panel 20mm thick: strong panels offer high load-bearing capacity, the stand can easily carry all models of the monitor and does not sag.

Exquisite material: natural bamboo with high quality accessories, smooth lacquered bamboo surface, great for screen, TV, etc. Modern design brings a chic look to every home / office.

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