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Homfa Bamboo Bathtub Extendable Shelf with 2 x Towel Boxes and 1x Soap Holder

Bathtub Board Extendable 74.5-108.5x22.5x4.5cm

 Bathtub Board Extendable 74.5-108.5x22.5x4.5cm

Telescopic shelf is made of 100% natural bamboo, so this bathtub bridge cannot leave any dirt on your bathtub.

Natural bamboo is made in such a way that it repels moisture, so this bathtub butler describes durable, long-lasting and easy to care for.

Bathtub boards with a groove design to allow the water to run off. 2x removable compartments and 1x soap holder can fully meet your needs.

If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact us first and let us know exactly where the defects of the product are (quality, appearance, damage, ...), we will give you a suitable solution.

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