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Homfa Balance Board Set 40cm wood with non-slip mat 50x50cm and set of 3 resistance bands natural latex - for physiotherapy muscle building

High quality balance board - The balance board is made of solid wood, is robust and durable and has a non-slip pad. The non-slip mat can also protect the floor and prevent noise from the product. The edge of the balance trainer is precisely cut and smooth. The exquisite design is very suitable for use at home, in the gym or in the office.

Develop a Sense of Balance - This perfect fitness tool can help you improve your sense of balance. Balance training can promote physical health, improve posture, reduce fatigue and pain from poor posture, exercise back and abdominal muscles, and improve stability.

Inspire Creativity -High quality balance board and non-slip mats are perfect for you. The non-slip mat ensures better balance, grip and stability. The Homfa Balance Board is the ideal equipment for yoga, Pilates and other fitness activities. It can help you improve core strength, stability, muscle tone, balance, and posture.

Improve Fitness and Health - Helps increase flexibility in muscles and joints. It can increase stability, reduce physical fatigue and pain; Improve energy levels and make your lifestyle more active. increase the attention of adults and children; Take advantage of the abdomen, cardiovascular system, legs, buttocks and improve balance.

Package Contents - Dimensions of the balance boards: 39.5x39.5x7.6cm, size of the non-slip pad: 50x50x0.5cm, 3 resistance bands, size: 6x0.5cm, the resistance values ​​are 15 lbs (red), 20 lbs (yellow), 30 lbs ( Black). Choose the right resistance band according to your needs.

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